Nature is
our playground.

We believe

Nature is our playground, where kids are free to learn and explore and where the very best memories are made. We are creators of sustainable products that are kind on our planet, and give children around the world the freedom to enjoy nature in all types of weather. 

We believe in nurturing our children's love and appreciation for their natural surroundings. It’s our mission to inspire future leaders in the crusade to protect the very environment that we love so much. 


All Therm products are made from recycled materials. We also use compostable packaging, made from natural sources such as corn.

Unique Design.

Childhood is full of fun, magic, and imagination. We make sure we keep all of these alive in each design we create. You won't find boring here! 

Premium Quality.

All of our fabrics are expertly sourced and lab tested for waterproof ratings. Together with quality workmanship and kid-approved features, we're creating extraordinary gear.

Our Commitment to Sustainability.